NPM Enterprise JavaScript service released

NPM is the official package manager of Node.js. Since version 0.6.3 of Node.js, npm is part of the environment and is therefore automatically installed by default. npm works with a terminal and manages dependencies for an application. It also allows installing Node.js applications available on the npm repository.

NPM, the company that manages the package manager of the same name, ensures that the JavaScript tool is used by more than 11 million JavaScript developers worldwide. Due to its popularity, it takes various steps to facilitate the use of its tool and thus build user loyalty.

It should be noted that among its users are companies. NPM thought of them when it launched its npm Enterprise service, which is now available in a stable version, for enterprise-wide management of JavaScript packages. npm Enterprise has the same code base as the npm public registry, but with additional features.

In a blog post, a team member said that.

Quote Sent by NPM

“We are delighted to announce the launch of a platform to modernize the development of Javascript in the enterprise.”

Removing the “beta” label from npm Enterprise is satisfactory for many reasons. We launched npm to remove friction from JavaScript developers, and I think we have accomplished a lot. The solution we are announcing today offers increased control, visibility, and security while continuing to delight developers with the npm tools and features they are used to.

Why NPM Enterprise JavaScript?

According to the team, about 100% of Fortune 500 companies already use npm to acquire approximately 97% of their JavaScript code. Unfortunately, most of them are ill-equipped to take full advantage of this code or manage its use.

Quote Sent by npm

“In recent months, I have had many conversations with companies that employ developers who depend on npm. One thing was coherent: a passionate and undeniable dissatisfaction with today’s enterprise workflow management and artifact storage tools. More than once, I have heard from developers who have shared their methods for sharing JavaScript packages with their colleagues. Why? Why? Because they found the tools chosen by their leaders too frustrating and inadequate to be used. We can help to solve this problem.

The closer we looked at the current JavaScript security providers, the more surprised we were by the real inefficiency of their services. Most of them use npm as their primary source of information on vulnerabilities and often discover them after us. They do not have the data we have on the overall behavior of developers, which makes them poorly placed to understand the potential for widespread vulnerability. We can help here too.

npm Enterprise offers a perfect balance between management insight and developer happiness. It provides the tools necessary to modernize JavaScript development within an organization while maintaining developer satisfaction and efficiency.”

Some of the most exciting features of npm Enterprise are as follows:

  • Dedicated single tenant accommodation in a Kubernetes cluster
  • URL specific to the company
  • Support for standard SSO authentication
  • Role-based access control
  • Sharing packages within and between teams
  • Customizable workflows for collaboration and seamless integration of the CI/CD system
  • Notification of known vulnerabilities via “npm audit.

The team also ensures that in the coming months, users can expect improved tools and new features for security, compliance, workflow efficiency and team management.

It should be noted that npm Enterprise provides a platform for sharing modules behind a firewall, providing more stringent security when deploying open source modules and ensuring compliance with legal requirements.

Post Author: Neville