iOS 12 tips and tricks for your iPhone and iPad

The latest version of iOS includes many new features that have not been mentioned by Apple.

With the transition to iOS 12, iPhones have inherited many new features. Apple has detailed the main ones but has ignored many improvements and changes that have been incorporated into the iPhone operating system.

1. Turn on the flash without hands

The iOS voice assistant now knows how to turn the iPhone flash on and off to make it a torch. Convenient when you have to get up at night, say “Hey Siri, turn on the flash” and “Hey Siri, turn off the flash” to turn the iPhone into a torch, without hands.

2. Using AirPods as a hearing aid

Apple headphones can now be used as a hearing aid. To do this, go to Settings, then Control Center and enter Customize Commands.

Scroll through the commands, then in the Other commands section, add the Audition command. Once the AirPods are connected to the iPhone, they amplify the sound received by the iPhone. Unofficially, the James Bond inside you will use it to spy on what is said in the next room.

3. Scan a QR Code

The iPhone is now able to scan any QR code natively, either by adding the command to the control center or by activating the feature via a 3D Touch press on the Camera icon.

4. Quickly scan a document

With the arrival of iOS 11 last year, the Notes application had introduced the possibility of scanning a document with the iPhone.
A 3D Touch shortcut has been added to the application icon for even faster access.

5. Do not disturb “à la carte”

From the control center, a 3D Touch shortcut on the Do Not Disturb option has been added and now allows you to activate this mode only temporarily.


6. More colorful annotations

The annotation module, particularly accessible when taking a screenshot, offers an extended color palette.

7. Make a quick call from Messages

When you send a message to someone, tapping once on the contact’s name allows you to display new options. You can now quickly launch an audio call or Facetime conversation directly from a message.

8. Favicons in Safari

While this addition may seem anecdotal, the support of favicons in Safari makes it possible to identify the different open tabs more quickly.

Disabled by default, you must go to Settings, then Safari, activate the option “Icons in tabs.”

9. Use SIRI in power saving mode

The “Hi Siri” voice command, which wakes up the iPhone’s voice assistant, can now operate in power-saving mode.

10. Automatic filling with third-party password managers
If you use a password manager other than the iCloud keychain, iOS 12 now allows you to use them for automatic password filling.

Go to iOS Settings, then Passwords and Accounts. Enter the Pre-fill Password menu, and select the password managers allowed for automatic filling.

11. Navigate through a text with the space bar

Until now, the functionality was only available for iPhone with 3D Touch. Now all models can take advantage of the Trackpad mode integrated into the iOS keyboard.

To activate it, press and hold the space bar for a long time. The letters on the keyboard should disappear, and by moving your finger from left to right on the screen, you can then quickly move the cursor in a text.

12. iOS can be updated automatically

The iPhone operating system can now be updated automatically, without any intervention on your part, as soon as a new version of iOS is made available by Apple.

To enable automatic update of iOS, open the Settings, then in General, access the Software Update menu.

Then open the Automatic Updates menu, and activate the option.

Post Author: Neville