Reasons why you should stick to the iPhone

If you’re contemplating switching over from iPhone to Android, stop right there mate! Why would you want to opt for something that’s nowhere near the mark of what you already have? There are many people out there who actually get ‘fed up’ of the iPhone technology and are more than eager to switch over to Android, only to realize that their prior experience was a lot better! So here are a few reasons why you should stick to the iPhone – read on:

  1. Updates:
    If you have an iPhone in hand, you need not worry about the updates at all – you have access to all the updates right away. Also, every update that Apple brings in has something substantial, unlike Google, which has updates with restricted access. This seamless system of updation of the software makes users prefer Apple over Google any day. Instant access to updates is something we all love, and Apple is one that cares about its customers!
  2. Privacy:
    Apple places your privacy and security at the foremost – you won’t have any issues or worries about security or privacy breach when you have an iPhone in hand. On the other hand, Google’s business model is different, and it doesn’t really bother about security as much as Apple does. Google is more ad-based, with obvious interference of third-parties. Most people are aware of this fact, and yet it doesn’t really bother them – but when a breach of security does happen, it isn’t a great scenario. So in this case, Apple wins all the plus points!iphone5s-touchid
  3. Ease to use:
    Even an older adult can learn to use an iPhone quickly – that easy is it’s configuration and user interface! At the same time, there have been a lot of people who have been struggling to use Android. When it comes to ease in use, Apple gets an edge over Android – this is because no one really wants a smartphone that’s hard to figure out. All we need is a phone that’s perfectly easy to use – and Apple understands that very well.
  4. Customer service:
    Most of the android users have pointed out this – they don’t really have access to proper and more importantly, immediate customer services. Apple keeps its customers benefit and convenience at the foremost and has service centers placed all over for the convenience of its users and customers. You won’t have to struggle to find a service center or anApple Store anywhere around you – it’s pretty accessible!

Post Author: Neville