iPhone: how to preserve your smartphone’s battery

The topic comes up at every Apple conference dedicated to the presentation of its new iPhone: battery life. The company insists every time on the fact that the batteries of its new devices are more efficient than those of the previous generations. It is a statement that is difficult to verify since an iPhone’s battery […]

Wireless chargers: what are the best alternatives to AirPower?

More than two years after announcing it, Apple has just canceled the AirPower, leaving thousands of customers without a solution to charge iPhone, Airpods or Apple Watch wirelessly. Here are the best wireless chargers to replace AirPower. Wireless chargers existed on the market for a very long time, but Apple wanted to offer its in-house […]


Reasons why you should stick to the iPhone

If you’re contemplating switching over from iPhone to Android, stop right there mate! Why would you want to opt for something that’s nowhere near the mark of what you already have? There are many people out there who actually get ‘fed up’ of the iPhone technology and are more than eager to switch over to […]


iOS 12 tips and tricks for your iPhone and iPad

The latest version of iOS includes many new features that have not been mentioned by Apple. With the transition to iOS 12, iPhones have inherited many new features. Apple has detailed the main ones but has ignored many improvements and changes that have been incorporated into the iPhone operating system. 1. Turn on the flash […]