The good and bad news from Apple’s keynote

On September 10 was held the Apple conference presenting the 2019 version of the iPhone. We have noted for you the good and not so good news from this keynote. The good news Apple has made it a specialty in recent years to increase the prices of its smartphones a little more with each renewal. So […]


Reasons To Use CleanMyMac X

Is your Mac OS starting to give issues? Is it starting to slow down with each passing day? CleanMyMac X is designed to be an all-in-one solution for cleaning the clutter and making sure your system is in prime condition year-round. Here are the reasons to invest in CleanMyMac X. 1) Cleans Out Unnecessary Files […]


Reasons why the Mac is better!

The constant war between what’s better among the two – Mac and Windows is something we’ve been witnessing since decades now! While some say nothing can beat Windows, there’s a whole other clan that staunchly stands by the Mac saying it couldn’t get better than this! We’re here with a few convincing reasons that will […]